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The Guest List (TGL) is a new platform that aims to overhaul the “shitcoin” space by linking top-quality start-up projects with higher quality investors.

Our custom-built blockchain technology tracks users’ on-chain behaviour and produces a scoring system that - if high enough - gives said users the option to buy into the private sales of the biggest new crypto launches available. A match made in crypto heaven.

The higher your score, the more access you get to the best private sales – the lower your score, SORRY you’re not getting on “The Guest List.”

Connecting the best new projects to solid “diamond hand” investors.

A match made in crypto heaven.


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Supply quality investors to crypto start-ups

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Supply quality projects to ‘diamond hand’ investors

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Clean-up ‘shitcoin’ space

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Simplify investment choices

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Become ‘go-to platform’ for GRADE A launches

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Provide safer place to find ‘next big thing’

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Build solid community to help investors that deserve to ‘make it’

The Points System

+21Confirm your buy amount in pre-sale and ‘TGL’ token holdings
+22Confirm you have not sold within the first hour of project launch
+23Confirm you have not sold MORE THAN 30% of project launch within 24 hours
+24Confirm you have not sold MORE THAN 30% of project launch within 3 days
+25Confirm you have not sold MORE THAN 30% of project launch within 1 week
+126Confirm you have not sold MORE THAN 30% of project launch within 30 days
+47Confirm you have held our native ‘TGL’ token for 30 days
+4 (VIP)8Confirm if you are a regular user (100,000 TGL) or VIP (500,000 TGL) after 30 days
+3 (BONUS)/BOOST your chances in hard to get in lists by burning $TGL for 3 bonus points (T&Cs apply)

The Guest List recognises that a lot of traders wish to take back their initial stake early on, so we only score your account based on 70% of your pre-sale holdings after 24 hours. This way we do not penalize investors wanting to trade more responsibly.

To take part in The Guest List, you must hold at least 100,000 TGL or be subject to a 10 % deposit fee when joining a sale.

If you want to become a VIP user, you must hold at least 500,000 TGL which gets you 4 bonus points to help you climb to the top of the list.

Top Score 30 Points

(Not including boost)


  1. Users with the highest points will have priority over users with lower points.
  2. If the next pre-sale is oversubscribed with high scoring users on the same value, the users with the larger TGL holdings will be the next priority.
  3. Bonus points are rewarded to users that want to top-up their score once they have reached the 30 point top score in order to skip the queue.


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The Guest List $TGL is an ERC-20 token that will launch on the Ethereum Blockchain Network in December 2022 with a total supply of 100,000,000 TGL.

Tokenomics distribution image

Tax distribution

  • 5%Buy Tax
  • 5%Sell Tax
  • 40%Marketing
  • 20%Operations
  • 20%Auto Added to Liquidity
  • 20%Team, Admins and Mods


Stage 1

Token Launch, 1000+ Holders, 1500 Telegram Members, Coinmarketcap Listing, Coingecko Listing, Contract Audit

Stage 2

4000 Holders, 7000 telegram Members, Data Backed Proof of Concept, Twitter/TikTok Awareness, Feedback Review

Stage 3

NFT partnerships, NFT platform Launch, Influencer Development, Update Interface

Stage 4

New Partnerships and Explore Alternative Advertising, Build Custom Made Rug Checker, Add New Features

Stage 5

Explore Possibilities for CEX Listing, Become the Go-To Platform for Launches


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Lead Developer and current 3D blockchain chess champion of the world.

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Originator and fed up of getting rugged so about to mix things up a bit for these scammers.

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“We need a fresh approach in the space whereby the quality investor meets the quality projects with no drama… I really hope the community get behind this project and support what we are building because it will help all the investors wanting to trade in a safer and more profitable environment, WAGMI”