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Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and consider it our utmost priority, therefor we handle any personal data with great care and consideration.

What data are collected and what is the purpose of their processing?

Our website does not collect personal data from users. If you choose to contact us via the Typeform platform by clicking the Apply button available on the website, then we collect basic contact information that we need to answer the inquiry you have sent us.

How long is the personal data kept?

We keep the personal data that we obtain on the basis of your consent permanently or until you notify us that you withdraw consent. You can inform us of your wish to delete your personal data by emailing us at hello@theguestlist.vip.

Data management

We do not share your personal data with third parties.


When you first visit the website, we set cookies, which are designed to collect anonymised analytical data about your visit to the website. We collect this information in order to improve and facilitate your browsing experience on the website.

Cookies are small files in which the settings of a website are stored. The browser uses the information from the cookie and sends it back to the website. This enables the website to recognize if the user has visited the website before and, if necessary, to adapt the website to the user.

Cookies can remember your preferences, help us monitor how you use our website and make the content more relevant to your needs and browsing style.

The cookies used by our website are recorded in the table below. We only use cookies to monitor traffic statistics, which are anonymised and can therefore be set without your explicit consent. You are deemed to be aware of the use of cookies when you visit the website for the first time. Google is the provider of traffic statistics monitoring via Google Analytics.

CookieDescriptionExpiry Date
_gaThe provider of the cookie is Google via Google Analytics. Helps to monitor website traffic and usage so that we can improve our websites.2 years
_ga_ <container-id>The cookie is provided by Google via Google Analytics. It helps us to monitor website traffic and usage so that we can improve our websites.2 years